Anomaly Detection


On-Board Computer for a LEO MicroSatellite

Anomaly Detection System for paper Industry

Developed a vision-based object/anomaly detection system using commercial off-the-shelf available components. An efficient algorithm was developed to detect objects moving at rates up to 400mpm. The system can detect objects as small as 1. The whole systems have two CCTV cameras, a network switch, lights and a computing platform to process the continuous video stream. The system can process the video streams at 50FPS.

A Wearable solution for Heart Rate Variability Estimation and Tracking During Physical Activity 

Designed and developed a wearable general-purpose platform having the flexibility to sense several signals (motion sensor data, PPG signal, body temperature, and EMG signal) and record the data simultaneously.We used Altium designer for the development of the PCB and Embedded C for software development. We developed custom libraries both for hardware components and for software …


On-Board Computer for Low-Earth-Orbit (LEO) MicroSatellite

Designed and developed an On-board computer with redundancy in critical components. The On-board computer is the brain of the Actuation subsystem. On-Board computer controls the trajectory of the satellite by measuring its position from the data of Magnetometers and sun sensors. The system then generates commands formagnetorquers. The system can perform the health mo …

Data Storage Unit

Image Processing

Security Alarm System

High-Speed Data Storage unit with EDAC  

Designed and Implemented the schematics and 6 layers PCB in Eagle platform of the high-speed data storage unit using the commercial off the shelf components available. The Circuit included the SRAM and Error detection and correction (EDAC) IC’s including the circuitry to reduce the electromagnetic interference and latch-up. To demonstrate the usage of the memory an RGB encoder was used …



Enhanced Images with Greater Depth of Field (DOF)

Depth of field (DOF) in an image is the area that appears sharp in the image. In depth of field, the area of image which lies within the focus range appears to be sharp. The depth of field also distinguishes objects beyond focus range as such objects appear blurred in the image. It is desirable to enhance the depth of field in an image in order to improve the visibility and focal range of scene being captured…

Security Alarm System

An electronic security alarm system based on RFID technology and GSM module has been designed and developed. The was system is fully configurable through a web-based interface. The whole system is required to run on a low power Li-Po battery. This was a huge constraint so we opted for Arduino ProMini and Arduino MKR GSM 1400. The system spends most of the time in deep sleep mode until one of the sabotage …